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Available "Mini" Courses

Parenting Neurodiverse (Autistic or ASD) Children

Perfect for parents of children with conditions that impact learning and behavior.

Tantrum Toolkit: Strategies for Meltdowns

Explore reasons behind your child’s tantrums and learn how to prevent them.

Overview of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy

Learn how to apply a more compassionate
approach to standard ABA.

Meet Your Instructor

✅ Founder of The Play Base
✅ Expert in Developmental Psychology
✅ Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

As the founder of The Play Base, Frances Fishman brings a wealth of expertise to you in the most affordable and convenient way possible.

Known as a dedicated advocate of neurodivergent children, Frances’s innovative and compassionate approaches have transformed the lives of countless families and educators. Additional to her professional experience, she is also a loving mother of three children.

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Rivkah D.

“All the parents gained a lot of parenting tips and tools to apply to everyday situations.”

Melanie M.

“Everything [Frances] says is very valuable.”

Daniel A.

“[Frances] is one of the most caring and knowledgeable people in this space.”


Lengths range depending on the course. However, each course is broken down into short 2-5 minute chapters, allowing you to make progress little by little. Most users complete the entire course, along with its quizzes and downloadable exercises in a week or two.

Frances Fishman is an experienced child behavior expert with over 15 years in the field. Her warm and empathetic approach, combined with her deep knowledge, makes her a trusted guide for many parents and educators navigating the challenges of child behavior.

Yes! Throughout the course, there are downloadable resources. These are designed to support and enhance your learning, making the strategies even more actionable.

Absolutely! Educators should find the strategies and insights incredibly useful for classroom management and understanding their students better.

The course is designed to be very user-friendly, with clear instructions and examples. However, if you have any questions, you can email us at!

Yes, while the primary focus is on younger children, most of the strategies are beneficial for parents of children of any age.

Once purchased, you’ll receive an email with login details and easy instructions. The course is hosted online, allowing you to access it through the web anytime, anywhere, on any device – be it your computer, tablet, or mobile.

No! These courses are for anyone who take care of children who aim to better understand their child or children, especially those that face behavioral or developmental challenges (whether it’s just a current challenge or a lifetime challenge).